Architecture, furniture and decor should be a harmonious blend of symmetry and design fluidity. Our pieces begin with structural innovation and continue to new dimensions of color, texture and compatibility.

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What you can expect from an ABD design consultation is a one-on-one experience with one of our skilled design specialists. Drawing upon what’s important to you, as well as the clippings and mood boards of the pieces you’ve collected until you were ready enough to commit, we advise and create along with you. We don’t take commitment lightly and are entirely dedicated to your customized looks, which is why we give you a true to life design preview in full color HD 3d. It gives dimension, color and texture a new level of authenticity before we make it yours.

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Leading the Accentuations vision since its inception, Shaindy always encompassed the design aspect of the brand and helped her clients furnish their homes with her unique sense of style. Always adapting to new trends, she still appreciates incorporating original pieces so as to maintain the timeless vibe in an ever changing design environment.

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With an unmatched passion for design and a vibrant personality that really captures the heart and soul of furniture on many levels, Chevy zeroes in to every client’s unique preference. Her knack for aesthetics goes beyond color and texture, to a more intimate level of style exploration. Chevy is also Abode’s regional rep for interior designers, frequenting the Cedarhurst branch for private consultations.

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Malki seems to have adopted a passion for interior design growing up, with her passion for architecture and design beginning as a young child sprawled across the living room floor with notebooks and magazine clippings. She’s since moved to New York from Omaha, Nebraska and has over 10 years of experience as an independent designer specializing in lifestyle furniture. Malki is a realist and is often spotted designing and creating spaces at her clients’ homes, but she particularly enjoys the support and creativity that the ABD team provides. Inspired by Ferris Rafaeli due to his nuanced perfection, Malki is as detail oriented as she is creative at heart.

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A well versed furniture designer and stylist, Gitty graduated from NYSOID and captured the hearts of her clients as an independent interior design specialist. With an undiluted sense of realism, positivity and talent, Gitty found a unique side to interior design when working with clients at Accentuations and Abode. With a devoted persona that stems from deeply connecting to her clients, Gitty loves streamlining the design process for kallahs and new homeowners who frequent the showroom. She particularly enjoys designing boutique hotels and looks toward a future with helping more hospitality clients.

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Rachelli Augenbaum

Featuring a background in Autocad drafting and a love of all things beautiful, Rachelli lives and breathes her design projects at Accentuations’ Brooklyn showroom. Merging her innate draw to decor with a love of helping others, she takes her work seriously, while having fun during each unique project she takes on. Spending her days in the showroom, she often gets glimpses into her clients’ specific needs and lifestyles, and feels privileged to be putting her spatial awareness and space planning expertise to work in a collective environment of talent. Rachelli works well with the Accentuations and Abode teams and chalks up what she dubs her ‘design bug’ from her mom’s ever changing home decor stints.

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We’ve changed along with the changing dynamic of retail.

The furniture experience is something that has been part of our family for 3 generations now. From our very first flagship store in Brooklyn in 1980, to our 3 design centers across the region, we’ve been outfitting homes with a deeply rooted history of tradition, transformation and culture. Traveling to our European factories and visiting furniture landmarks and historic locations has awarded me the ability to invite new trends to the market, while upholding family traditions of quality and impeccable craftsmanship. With design encompassing a large part of our lives, the paradigm shifted to custom furniture and our vision expanded along with it. Establishing design centers that are entirely centered on custom design, we’ve helped turn visions into handcrafted custom furniture for our clients across multiple cultural spheres. From traditional to transitional, modern to industrial, we’re reinventing the interior design process by spearheading it from the start. Working with designers at Abode has given a new dimension to the design experience, where a specialized experience is set aside for the design visionaries who take their clients, and ours, on an epic journey of inspiring design. We’re no longer selling pieces of furniture, but creating them as keepsakes.
Joel Brach CEO

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